Corr Science


The Organization
Corr Science Inc. has over the years developed a proven track record of servicing the oil, gas and pipeline industry. Corr Science is a Canadian based company whose primary objective and focus is to offer our clients solution-based products and services that compliment their existing plant or facility.

Industry Partnerships
Corr Science has been successful in forging long term client relationships and attracting new customers by actively approaching top universities and test facilities for innovative solutions to industry problems. We also seek input from independent contractors, technical consultants and industry leaders to focus on goal-oriented strategies that further strengthen our partnership alliances with clients.

Products and Services
Corr Science distributes and markets an array of corrosion monitoring equipment, software and services which include intrusive probes and non-intrusive devices to retrieve the data, single and multi-channel data collection units to gather the data and corrosion database software to process and manage the data.
Corr Science continues to work with a number of corrosion monitoring manufacturers who share a similar corporate philosophy to ours of offering total quality to our customers through our product knowledge and technical support. In fact, many of our manufacturers and suppliers are ISO 9000, further distinguishing their efforts to maintain the highest quality industry standards.
Finally, we also design, manufacture and sell highly specialized tools and safety equipment for the oil industry, applicable to both up-hole and down-hole wireline systems, as well as distribute a real-time coiled tubing simulation software.