Corr Science


Manufacturing glassflake coatings tailored to meet the demands of specific environments and problems, we offer comprehensive repair, protection, prevention, and maintenance solutions, with the flexibility to respond swiftly and positively to individual requirements.

Corrocoat solutions combine advanced corrosion engineering skills and solid technical expertise with total commitment to quality and performance.

Coating application

Corrocoat coating solutions

  • • Advanced corrosion protection service based on the application of a range of high technology coatings and composites
  • • Unparalleled expertise in coating development and application
  • • Fast, convenient and economical coating solutions to corrosion-related problems
  • • Extensive and specific range of coating products and application processes
  • • Protection for both new and existing plant
  • • Coating development services in response to specific problem areas
  • • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels for reduce atmospheric pollution
  • • Increasingly specified as the industry standard


Biofoul Brochure

Plasmet R ,WR, T, HTE and EP1 Brochure

Plasmet ECP and ZE Brochure

Heatblocka Brochure

Fluiglide Brochure

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