Corr Science


CorrView is a simple device which is threaded directly into any HVAC or fire piping system – in contrast to corrosion coupons, which are installed into a side stream loop, and therefore isolated from the pipe. The CorrView monitor has the same form factor as a standard hex shaped pipe plug. Its easy to install, self-contained, and requires no maintenance, power, or follow-up lab analysis. This makes it ideal for property owners and operators to independently monitor and verify the condition of their critical piping infrastructure.

     Designed to offer both simplicity and usefulness, CorrView produces a brilliant color change warning after its metal surface of pre-determined thickness corrodes away. Its just that simple! Where little to no corrosion activity is present, the CorrView monitor can easily last decades – providing constant reassurance to the lack of a corrosion concern. Under high corrosion conditions, typically hidden from view, CorrView can produce years of advance notice – prompting further investigation and corrective actions in time.

CorrView Brochure