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Roxar Sand Monitor

Roxar Sand SAM 400 Acoustic Sand Monitor

Roxar Sand monitor The Roxar Sand monitor is a non-intrusive acoustic sand monitoring system that identifies in real-time sand production in any water, oil, gas or multiphase flow lines for onshore and offshore locations. It offers a cost effective means for operators to optimise production by enabling the determination of maximum sand-free rates or maximum acceptable sand production rates.

Non intrusive design.

The Roxar Sand monitor is installed on the outside of the pipe with metal straps and therefore it is safe and easy to install on new or existing pipelines. It listens to the acoustics of sand hitting the pipe wall and allows accurate identification and quantification of sand in grams per second. Alarm settings will help customers to implement a sand management system based on either no sand at all (Maximum Sand Free Rate) or a certain amount that is acceptable (Maximum Allowable Sand Rate) where real-time sand information allows for immediate action to minimise sand entering the system.


Repeatability:  Better than 1%

Flow Velocity:  Minimum 1 m/s

Particle detection limit:
• Depends on process conditions
• Typically 15 μm (gas) to 25 μm (liquid)

Detector Housing Material:  316 Stainless Steel

Detector Dimensions / Weight:  88 mm (OD) x 100 mm / 3.0 Kg

Detector Installation:  Fixed onto outside of pipe (non-intrusive)

Ingress Protection:  IP 67

Hazardous Area Classification / Certification:
• EEx ia / Zone 0, 1 or 2
• CSA: Class I Division 1 Groups C, D T6/T5
• ATEX: Ex II 1 G EEx ia IIB T6/T5

Pipe Surface Temperature:
• -40°C to 115°C
• Higher range available on request

Ambient Temperature Range:  -40°C to 80°C

Communication:  Serial SW protocol overlain on power cable

Field Cable Type (optional):
• Screened twisted pair (0.75 mm2)
• Common pair for power and signal

Maximum Field Cable Length:  Up to 1500 m depending on L/R ratio

Calculation & Interface Unit (CIU)
Power Consumption:  2 W (including sensor and safety barrier)

Supply Voltage:  24 V DC

Modbus RTU Input / Output:  1 off process bus: 2 wire RS485
• 1 off service bus: 2 wire RS485 or 3 wire RS232
• Up to 32 units on the same bus with RS485

Analogue Input / Output:
• 1 off 4-20 mA passive output for sand rate or raw data
• 1 off 4-20 mA passive input for velocity or choke %

Voltage-free Contact:  Configurable to represent sand or technical alarm

Data Storage:  Up to 90 days based on 10 s averaging interval

SAM Brochure (Standard Unit)

SAM Brochure High Temperature