Corr Science

Sand Erosion Particle Detector (SEPD)

The Sand Erosion Particle Detector is a novel intrusive sensor for use in deepwater
HPHT subsea wellheads and manifolds that uniquely combines embedded DSP passive acoustic 1MHz bandwidth piezoelectric technology with nano-ohmic resistance sensing used to instantaneously detect and characterize solids entrained within hydrocarbon process streams.

The combination and direct correlation of nanometer metal loss detection with full real-time spectral acoustic signatures generated on a single defined target area on the sensor allows both instantaneous sand event detection and the actual solids erosivity response. This unique configuration enables the characterization and trending of the reservoir produced solids such as quantity, particle sizing (including fines) and the actual erosive response together with the detection of non-abrasive solids such as hydrates.

The acoustic sensor coupled to the thick (8mm) erosion sensor face but de-coupled from the pipe also facilitates a high signal to noise ratio.The SEPD™ offers a unique solution, providing both instantaneous sand detection and high resolution measurement of cumulative erosion and can be further configured for synergistic erosion-corrosion mechanisms caused by the entrained solids within the electrochemical environment.