Corr Science

Calibrated Leaks

Calibrated Leaks – produced to your Gas and Flow Specifications


Ion Science calibrated leaks are produced in order for a known leak to be presented to a test system. Should the leak be detected by your gas / leak detector at the correct value then the system is within calibration, giving you confidence in the accuracy of the gas detection instruments upon which you depend.

Ion Science produces calibrated leaks that are made to your individual pressure and leak rate specification. Each leak is supplied in its own storage box with a certificate of calibration traceable to our ISO9001:2000 procedures, using equipment which is traceable UKAS / NIST. By ensuring our own quality standards we can help you to meet yours.

For exceptional stability over time and resistance to corrosion and contamination, all leaks are made from stainless steel. The body has a standard 1/8 BSP inlet and outlet thread and can be supplied with a quick fit staubli fitting, for use with leak testers. The simple screw in, screw out functionality of the calibrated leak is ideal when returning your leak to Ion Science for annual calibration as the leak can be easily removed, placed in its storage box and sent in the post.

Ion Science calibrated leaks can be used in conjunction with our CalCheck accessory, an easy to use self calibration instrument. Multiple calibrated leaks can be ordered for use with a CalCheck. Simply unscrew your leak from the base and replace it with a different leak rate. This allows you to conveniently calibrate your instruments to a wide variety of leak rates and gases.



  • Certified to ISO 9001:2000 using standards which have themselves been calibrated by UKAS (NAMAS) or NIST laboratories
  • Produced to you precise pressure and flow requirements
  • Corrosion and contamination resistant
  • Supplied in a storage case complete with certificate of calibration
  • Suitable for pressure or vacuum applications
  • Exceptionally long tern stability
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Used in conjunction with a CalCheck for easy and reliable self calibration of gas and leak detection instruments