Corr Science


CorrTran MV is the first 2-wire, 4mA … 20mA HART transmitter that evaluates general corrosion and localized (pitting) corrosion, as well as conductivity, in real-time. Meant to take corrosion control out of the laboratory and into everyday process control, CorrTran MV is a revolutionary approach to corrosion detection and corrosion prevention. Unlike the traditional corrosion coupon method that established an average corrosion rate over time, CorrTran MV can monitor corrosion on-line and in real-time rather than in a historical analysis method that misses the possibility of a process to corrosion correlation.

CorrTran MV gives plant operators the ability to monitor corrosion rates within their existing software and control system like any other process variable (i.e., pressure, flow, level, temperature, pH). Since CorrTran MV has a standard 4-20 mA output, it can be easily integrated into a new or legacy system architecture. Using the CorrTran MV corrosion monitoring device, you will be able to see physical changes online and in real-time so process changes or planned maintenance is more effective.

Corrosion Monitoring Brochure