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OLI offers electrolyte simulation software to answer questions about water chemistry and electrolyte chemical processes. OLI software provides accurate predictions for calculations involving: scaling; pH & neutralization; effluent discharge limits; offgas treatment; waste water processing; and supporting scenarios for regulatory and liability situations. OLI also offers corrosion simulation software, particularly for chemically-induced corrosion caused in H2S and CO2 environments.

OLI’s core competencies are electrolyte thermodynamics, process simulation and electrochemical corrosion simulation. For the past 40 years OLI has developed both the framework and the parameters for the framework that make it possible to predict the behavior of virtually any combination of chemicals in electrolyte solutions. OLI often works “out-of-the-box” with a library of several thousand species covering 80 elements of the periodic table.

OLI is proud to be a different kind of simulation company.  We are dedicated to technology development, and we are also committed to customer service, technical support, and training. OLI clients rely on OLI application building advice and application review service to augment and strengthen their own water chemistry expertise.


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