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Hydrosteel 6000

Hydrosteel 6000 – Fast, Reliable Hydrogen Flux Spot Measurement

The Hydrosteel 6000 hydrogen flux monitor is the ultimate portable tool for sour HF and high temperature corrosion and diffusible hydrogen damage in steel.

The intrinsically safe hydrogen flux monitor is totally non-intrusive and requires minimal test surface preparation. Consumables such as grease are not needed and reliable measurements can be made within a minute.


Rapid, reliable and repeatable measurement of hydrogen flux
Operates on steel up to 500 °C
Accommodates surfaces from 3.5″ diameter to flat
Operates in any orientation, e.g. at base of pipe and vessels where corrosion commonly occurs
Portable, light-weight
Simple to use
Intrinsically safe
Totally non-intrusive
Little or no test surface preparation needed
No consumables such as adhesives, liquids or greases required

Applications include

Measurement of active corrosion in steel pipes and vessels in petrochemical service at temperatures up to 500 °C
Hydrogen monitoring for industrial bake out
Identification of corrosion hot spots
Optimisation of corrosion control measures and inhibitor programs
HIC damage identification, assessment and control
Sour, HF acid and all high temperature corrosion monitoring
Risk based inspection of prospective hydrogen damage
Integrity testing of internal protective coatings
Optimisation of hydrogen bake outs and controlled cooling of large scale vessels
Measurements can be taken from small pipes and large vessels at any orientation and any temperature up to 500 °C (932 °F) with a single probe.

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